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" I have been going to Dr Papa for over 20 years. He is an excellent dentist and takes time to explain each procedure whether it is filling a cavity, root canal, annual check-up or cosmetic dentistry. He is patient and caring and makes you feel comfortable at all times. His top priority is you and at all times is attentive to your needs. He has done a few veneers for me and I am so amazed at the perfection of his work. He is an artist as well as a dentist. His cosmetic work is second to none. I especially enjoy his office staff all of whom greet you with a warm smile and make you feel right at home. Lee handles the office management with ease and makes sure all insurance claims are handled accurately and carefully. Multi-tasking is no stranger to Lee. Erin is Dr. Papa's right and left hand and at your side assisting Dr. Papa with the all the varied dental procedures and patting your shoulder letting you know she's right by your side.Erin is warm and caring and the go-to person in the office.She is a Saint. Last but certainly not least is Pam who is Dr. Papa's dental hygienist. She is so gentle when cleaning your teeth and her careful attention to detail makes you walk out of the office with your teeth shining! Like Dr. Papa, she explains all procedures and is abundant with knowledge and expertise and teaches you the best methods for caring for your teeth. What a team! Kudos to the Papa practice. The best in the region!"

Austin G.

" Dr Papa and his staff are the most kindest people to take care of you when your distressed.. Dr Papa is understading and gentle and very professional. I strongly recommend his services if your in need of a dentist I've been a patient for quite some time and throughout these years I continue to receive the best of care. From my experience, you couldn't ask for a better dentist. I highly recommend him to anyone for any number of reasons as has been so eloquently expressed in other testimonials. For anyone in need of the best the dental profession has to offer, I strongly advise making arrangements to contact Dr. Papa asap. You'll be glad you did."

Michael M.

" My family has had the great fortune to have Dr. Papa and his wonderful staff take care of our dental needs for over 15 years. We had the misfortune to have suffered through several other dental "professionals" after the retirement of our family's dentist who had taken care of our extended family for over 40 years! From the first day I walked through the front door of Dr. Papa's office, I have felt like family. I don't think anyone is excited about needing a root canal and/or any other dental procedure but I honestly am so comfortable by the treatment of his staff and the quality of his work. I will end my comments here because I could go on indefinitely about many individual instances of the fantastic quality of care and compassion we have received through the years."

Tony Z.

"I've been a patient for quite some time and throughout these years I continue to receive the best of care. From my experience, you couldn't ask for a better dentist. I highly recommend him to anyone for any number of reasons as has been so eloquently expressed in other testimonials. For anyone in need of the best the dental profession has to offer, I strongly advise making arrangements to contact Dr. Papa asap. You'll be glad you did."

- Stephen G.

" Hello, my name is Tom Doerr. My wife Colleen and I have been patients of Dr.Edward J Papa and his wonderful staff at Papa Dental for the past sixteen years. When our daughter Erin was born in 2003, as she grew older she too eventually became a patient of Papa Dental. At first our daughter Erin was deathly afraid of going to the dentist just like I was when I was young child. Fortunately for Erin, Papa Dental specializes in many fields including pediatric dentistry. Dr. Papa and his entire staff all treated our daughter Erin with kindness, courtesy, dignity,and respect so even though she was still a young child she felt as though she was being treated similar to an adult. Our daughter lost her fear of the dentist after only her second visit to Papa Dental. I only wish there was a practice around similar to Papa Dental when I was a young child because it would have made a huge difference in my early dental care. The entire staff at Papa Dental all have the well being of their patients in mind. When ever you go through any type of procedure you are constantly asked how are you feeling and if everything is OK. Back in 2001 my wife Colleen was going through an extensive dental procedure with the original dentist we began using after moving from Westchester County to Massapequa in 1992. My wife was not happy with the dentist or his staff or how the procedure was coming along. A neighbor recommended she visit Papa Dental instead. Afterwards I also switched dental practices to Papa Dental and the difference between the two dental practices was like night and day. Let's fact the facts here. Good health begins with proper oral care and good oral health. The truth is there are thousands of people who are either afraid to visit the dentist or just don't want to go through any type of dental procedure. If they would only give Papa Dental a chance their lives could possibly be changed forever. After just a few visits with Dr.Papa and his owondeful staff I guarantee you will begin to see positive results. I highly recommend visiting Papa Dental. Dr.Papa and his highly professional and courteous staff include Dr.Papa's assistant Erin, day time receptionist Lee, evening receptionist Barbara, Monday hygienist Pamela and Saturday hygienist Debbie. They will all treat you with kindness, dignity and respect the moment you walk through the door no matter which walk of life you come from"

-Tom D.

" A warm feeling when you walk into the office, friendly and knowledgeable staff and I can always trust Dr. Papa with his work. I've been coming here for well over a decade and would not go anywhere else."

-Mark S.

"Always a wonderful experience here. Dr Papa & his staff are the best!"

-Lisa G.

"reat experience here - Dr. Papa was able to squeeze me in for a last minute appointment when I chipped my tooth. They are always flexible and friendly."

-Adam G.

" I've been going to Dr Papa for past 20 years. As a very professional, friendly, and attentive person he always been considerate to my needs. Wouldn't go to any other dentist. I advise anyone looking for a good dental office Nassau to try his facility out. You wont be disappointed."

-James H.

"I have been patient of Dr Papa for 20 years! He is a very professional, caring and knowledgable dentist. He and his staff provide quality care and the office is warm and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr. Papa for all your dental needs."


"I have been a patient of Dr. Papa for about 4 years now and I felt the need to let everyone know what a great dentist Dr. Pa is. Seriously, if you are looking for a great dentist, he is your guy. He does everything and does it well; Cavities, crowns, implants etc., and I have had them all done so I can speak from experience. Dr. Papa and his team never cease to amaze me. Dr. Papa, is kind, and caring and does wonderful work. His team, Dee and Erin are always very friendly, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. What a great team!!! team. I hate going to have my teeth worked on, but Dr. Papa and his team makes the experience a happy one!!"

-Marias S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Papa’s for over 25 years. The care I have received from both him and his staff is absolutely incredible. They have done an amazing job on my teeth and I always get compliments! Additionally, I have always been a nervous patient and they always make sure I am very comfortable and at eases during my visits. I am so happy to have a dentist that I can trust and I highly recommend Dr. Papa to others.

-Lisa G.

"Going to the dentist has always been a stressful experience for me, but when I started going to Dr. Papa he changed everything! He always makes me feel at ease no matter if I am in the office for a cleaning or a root canal! Not only is he amazing when it comes to cavities but he has given me the confidence to be proud of my smile! I have always been self conscious of my smile, and I was even more concerned about it right before my wedding, of course wanting to look my best for the big day. I went into his office hoping he could make my smile look more symmetrical, during one appointment he was able to file and bond my teeth, leaving me with the best smile I have ever had. I couldn't be any happier with the results and it is all thanks to Dr. Papa!!!!!

-Ava N.

Dr. Papa has been our family dentist for 29 years. The care we receive is second to none. He and his staff make what could be a stressful situation into a very pleasant visit with great results. Many thanks to all of you for taking care of me and my family for so many years.

-Terry N.

It gives me great pleasure for having this opportunity in expressing my deepest gratitude to Dr. Papa & Staff for having received such wonderfully expert care throughout the years. I'm especially grateful to everyone for their genuine kind and loving ways. Without a doubt my dental experience has been the most pleasant I've ever known. Furthermore, should ever I encounter anyone in need or whatever their circumstances may be, I will highly recommend Dr. Papa & Staff to them. As a loyal patient, it's the least I'd be more than gladly willing to do. Many thanks.

-Stephen G.

I have been going to Dr. Papa's office for 15 years. Dr. Papa and his staff are wonderful and always make me comfortable with their gentle and caring touch. The doctor always explains all phases of his treatment before he starts, that is very important to me. I would highly recommend Dr. Papa to anyone who is looking for a new dentist, or considering changing their dentist.

-Toni A.

Dr. Papa and Staff, I'm just writng to say thank you for the fantastic work you have done on my teeth. I'm absolutely over the moon with the result and can't believe how natural my new veneers look. The attention to detail was over the top. I have gained such confidence and this has truly changed my outlook on everything. Wonderful to have found a dentist that i can depend on and trust.....Thanks again.

-Ralph F.

Just had to take the time to thank Dr. Papa for his expertise and for getting me out of terrible pain. I had been up all night in pain, I called the office first thing in the morning and was told to come right over. I was not a regular patient at the office at that time.......but i am now!

-Ann C.

For many years i felt so self conscience about my teeth. My teeth were slightly crooked, a bit yellow and not very feminie looking. Dr. Papa suggested that I get laminates. He explained to me that it wasn't too invasive, no extractions needed and that it would make a tremendous difference. I finally decided to do it.....................I love my new smile, I feel so much better and this has given me so much confidence. One of the best decisions i have ever made for myself. Thanks Dr. Papa !!

Sarah F.

I felt extremely apprehensive about having my teeth whitened and veneered. Unfortunately, I had a fear of all dentists as a child, which was extremely unpleasant. However, Dr. Papa and his staff made me feel very welcome and helped assure me and put me at ease. I am very pleased. I am now 33 years old and can honestly say that I am now able to smile without feeling self conscious......Life changing!!

-Jeanie W.